Brooklyn Free School depends on the volunteer work of its parent community. A great deal of time and effort goes into making BFS the amazing school it is, and since our community contains only about 50 to 60 families, we ask that every family do its part to help in the functioning of the school.

Whether you’re able to contribute a lot or a little time, please consider joining one or more of the BFS parent committees. Luckily, there’s a committee for every parent and every interest.

The following is a list of the current BFS parent committees and a brief description of what each committee does.


Parent Committees 2013-2014:

Gala Committee
Plans and organizes our largest fundraising event, the Spring Gala.  Staff contact:  Lily

Building Beautification Committee
Works to improve the appearance of the school.  Staff contact:  Kathy

Communications & Outreach Committee
Maintains Yahoo BFS Community listserv, communicates information about BFS to the public and represents BFS at recruitment events.

Fundraising Committee
Researches and completes grant applications that will help fund the school.  Also organizes the two annual appeals.  Staff contact:  Lily

Marketing Committee
Writes press releases and creates promotional materials including flyers.
(Individuals with experience in print design and photography are needed.)  Staff contact:  Noleca

Event Planning Committee
Helps support community events such as Thanksgiving Feast and Talent Show by organizing with students and staff.  Staff contact:  Kathy

Parent Committee
Schedules, chairs, and plans monthly parent meetings.  Staff contact:  Noleca

Technology Committee
Provides technical support for technology in use at BFS and works to get technology into the school such as hardware, software, and classes.  Staff contact:  Jonathan