Brooklyn Free School’s mission is education for social justice. Always advocating for young people’s voices to be heard, BFS engages students and staff in democratic decision making and problem solving. We honor student choice and facilitate student-centered learning through play and exploration, constructivist teaching, collaborative course work and self-directed student initiatives. We support social and emotional development through conflict mediation, personal reflection, diversity awareness and community responsibility. BFS works in the service of students and their families, partners with progressive educators, and embraces our larger community.

Brooklyn Free School is a democratically run PreK-12 community day school located in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.  While the students in the school have the freedom to work and play with students of all ages, they are grouped in six advisory groups: the 3-4 year olds, the 5-7 year olds, the 8-10 year olds, the 11-13 year olds, the teens and the seniors.

Our volunteer program is a great way to learn about the schoolʼs unique philosophy and participate in the school community. Volunteers have the opportunity to observe and participate directly in the daily life of the school, share their interests and passions with a community of learners, and form deep and meaningful relationships with students of all ages.

Successful volunteers are dependable, reliable, flexible, organized, creative, supportive of the schoolʼs mission, and interested in children/education; they have had previous experience with children, relate well with children of all ages and are excited about learning for themselves and others.  Communication skills, punctuality, consistency, and commitment are essential to being a volunteer at Brooklyn Free School.

Apply to this program if you can commit to volunteering for a full day each week, for a minimum of a semester or if you can offer a class at a regular time each week. Applicants are encouraged to participate in the program for the full experience of a complete year at a free school.

There are several different unpaid volunteer roles at Brooklyn Free School:

School Volunteers – one full day per week
Under supervision of a staff Advisor:
•Participate in academic activities and informal play
•Help chaperone school trips
•Observe conflict resolution and peer mediation with young students
•Participate in school meetings and other forms of the schoolʼs democratic process
•Assist students at lunchtime
•Help with general school maintenance and upkeep

Occasionally individuals with specific skills or subject expertise volunteer for the specific period of time required to teach a class in that skill or subject.  Student interest must first be determined, as well as scheduling and resource availability.  Examples of past classes taught by volunteer teachers include animation, improv, philosophy, and video game design.

Administrative Volunteers
•Observe different aspects of running a non-profit organization and alternative school
•Maintain communication with community contacts
•Assist with answering phones, taking messages, and answering general inquiries about the school
•Help with weekly tours
•Aid in the preparation of committee meetings.

Past volunteers have earned college credit when their specific program accepts BFS as a program placement.

Direct your inquiries to Kathy at volunteering@brooklynfreeschool.org or 718-499-2707.

Brooklyn Free Schoolʼs Non-Discrimination Statement:
Brooklyn Free School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identification in the administration of its educational policy, scholarship and loan programs, admissions, and other school-administered programs.