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Alamander camp and after school

Alamander Camp runs a summer day camp and year-long after school program out of the Brooklyn Free School building.  

Directed by former BFS teachers, Alamander programs value play and community. We know that kids should be spending their hours creating, inventing, problem-solving and laughing. We believe in young people, and we put our resources - time, teachers and materials - toward supporting their ideas. That means that at camp and after school, things often transform: the block corner becomes a racetrack, the front yard becomes a sidewalk cafe, the classroom becomes a toy workshop. What stays consistent is our commitment to slowing down to listen to each other and our focus on building a community of acceptance and kindness.


Brooks Frederick, BFS Artist in Residence

Brooks Frederick is an internationally exhibited artist, an environmentalist, curator, and a social activist. He was raised along the Gulf Coast, and lives and works in Brooklyn. His recent body of paintings—made with oil and tar from the 2010 BP oil spill—have been shown widely, and have inspired community activism against environmental destruction. Over the years, Brooks has worked with Brooklyn Free School high school and middle school students leading such projects as collaborative experimental drawing, sculpture, and portrait drawing. Brooks Frederick is a partner with UER (United to End Racism) and Fort Greene Peace. He is an adjunct professor at Adelphi University and teaches semi private classes in his “Brooks-lyn” studio space on the 5th floor of BFS.