Once a week, for half an hour, the entire school (minus the preschool) scatters throughout the building to meet in mixed-age pods. The pods gather in the Music Room, the Art Room, the Library, and the Front Yard. The Garbage and Recycling pod sets up in the Community Room, the School Tours pod squeezes onto the couches in the director’s office.

The students are as young as five, and as old as 18, and they are meeting to handle the nitty-gritty of managing the community space, or task, that their pod oversees. A staff person joins them in a support capacity. The Library pod may wipe down shelves and discuss their book shelving schedule. The School Tours pod may practice their introductions. The Music Room pod might decide an amp is needed, and send out a request to the community. Whatever the pod they choose is theirs to manage for three months, after which students will once again rate their top three pod choices, and rotate into a new position.