Since 2015, BFS has partnered with STOKED, a leadership program centered around the culture, activities, and business of action sports. In their first year, students designed and built their own skateboards, learned to skate, and learned to snowboard. They also had access to summer surfing trips. STOKED provides all the materials necessary for a day on the slopes, skate park, or beach. In their second year, students are now designing their own action sports brand. As they progress, students will be given access to internships across the industry, as well as preparation for all manner of employment. And of course, there is the incredible access to sports and equipment that many urban young people don’t normally have. The STOKED mission of providing equal access and supporting the growth of both an individual and a community aligns with BFS principles, and a year and a half in, STOKED has already been a rewarding and exciting partnership loved by our students.