BFS fuels creativity, independent learning, passion, collaboration and community, all in an atmosphere of social justice and seeking to improve our world. My daughter has been at BFS for five years, now in 10th grade, and she’s only become more curious and more self-directed in her learning. BFS is on the cutting-edge of what education will look like for more and more people as we begin to recognize that the educational model we now have is out-dated and falls short of what our kids need.
— Robert Jaffe, Parent

Brooklyn Free School has embraced my kids and their challenges, putting into action the belief that every child deserves an education in a safe environment where their thoughts and feelings are honored. Other kids dread going to school; mine are sad when they have to stay home!
— Danielle Lindenger, Parent

The Brooklyn Free School is a place where students and staff are treated with respect and offered the opportunity to be their fullest selves. The school’s culture of social justice allows for everyone to examine their own beliefs, oppressions and privileges in a way that fosters growth and ongoing learning. The atmosphere on a day-to-day basis is one of investigation and love. I am honored to be a part of the staff and wish that I had this kind of community to grow and learn in when I was a youth.
— Kate Friedman, Learning Specialist

My son is in his third year at Brooklyn Free School. He’s in now the high school. I am so grateful that this kind of environment exists. And that my son attends BFS. I honestly don’t know how he would be doing had he stayed in the public school system. He was very unhappy there. But I know he is happy to go to school every day and participate in every class. He has grown to be a mature responsible teenager who is empathetic and confident. BFS is an environment where kids are accepted for who they are . And in turn they learn to accept themselves. They learn to take responsibility for they actions. I really wish this kind of school was the norm. I feel we would have a much better society.
— Michael Brunnock, Parent

BFS has shown me that when we take our own self righteousness out of the equation, miracles are possible. It is possible for a higher understanding to reach us through our children, because they have been set free from a very specific shackle—the assumption that “I know.” Their process invites me to partake. The path of self discovery is always unfolding. Their freedom is my freedom. And it would seem that the potential exists, that this innocence mixed with empathy and inquisitiveness, can be turned back on the world as a force of good. A positive action. An intention to be better.
— Bruce Zeines, Parent

Students play so much at school—really fun and demanding games, inside and outside, every day. Their eyes and bodies show it. The energy is not pent up and squashed down. Everything’s moving; they’re all awake and with enough space to grow. That alone is radical and very hard to provide! BFS is committed though, and strives for it consistently. As a parent, I’ve also benefited from the workshops at BFS over the years, on race and whiteness, on uprooting unconscious bias—it’s opened me up to deeper connection and interaction with my friends and with everyone I love.
— Anastasia Higginbotham, Parent

My children love BFS – they are happy and excited to go to school every day. At BFS they are respected and valued for themselves – and there is not the typical tension with authority one is privy to at most schools. The community at BFS is amazing and I am ever grateful for the teachers, fellow parents and administrators I’ve met through this gem of a school housed in a lovely brownstone on Clinton Avenue.
— Sacha Moore, Parent

The commitment of the BFS faculty and staff to a respectful and nurturing educational environment is exceptional.
— James Taintor, Parent

Brooklyn Free School is a unique place! The sliding scale tuition allows our daughters to grow up as part of what must be one of New York City’s most ethnically and economically diverse communities of young people. At Brooklyn Free School racism, sexism and adultism aren’t just topics to be learned about through curriculum. Knowledgable staff and the school’s democratic system of governance give students a voice and a way to fight oppressive tendencies in their own lives, right where they are.
— Jens de Pedro, Parent

BFS is a wonderful school with a strong family community!
— Katherine Durgin-Bruce, Parent

BFS is a wonderful place to grow up in. The staff is warm and embracing. We are so happy and proud to be part of this progressive community which promotes a just society.
— Zmira Heizner, Parent