Days On

For Indigenous People’s Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day we take a break from our regular daily school schedule, pausing from our weekday routines, to commemorate, learn, and celebrate.

Our Days On are open to students, families, and our wider community. Every Day On is unique, but a Day On will always feature fitting curriculum for all ages. Occasionally, we’ll leave the building on a school-wide trip, such as our trip to Randall’s Island for the Redhawk Native American Arts Council Pow Wow. To mark MLK Day, community members have met at BAM to attend its annual free MLK Day event, and then returned to school for a shared meal, followed by a story hour in our library hosted by CHIPS, a nearby soup kitchen and residence for new mothers. Older participants have been invited to join our high school for presentations from their American Prisons class, followed by a screening of the documentary Rikers (2016).